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Whole Spices

We are offering an exotic range of whole spice which includes different spices such as; cumin seed, fennel seed, coriander seed, fenugreek seed, etc. Our excellent quality of whole spices is extensively used for preparing variety of dishes. These spices provide garnishing effect to different food items. The flavor increases tastes of the food items. We offer them in safe packaging which maintains hygiene and freshness of the product. Our range includes cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and  black mustard seeds.

Fennel Seeds Distributors

Cumin Seed 

The dried seed of the herb Cumminum cyminum is known as cumin seeds which belongs to parsley family is produced by Shyam Industries. Our rich quality Cumin extracts natural sweetness out of all the dishes and consequently used in many dishes like Tacos, Enchiladas, curries, salsa for seasoning purposes. The color of cumin seeds is light and tastes relatively hotter.


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Fennel Seed 

Our wide product range includes fennel seeds can be used as a natural mouth freshener. Chewing of fennel seeds is very common as it has natural mouth freshening properties in it. The leaves of fennel are having strong flavors. Fennel seeds have medicinal properties and fennel seeds are also used for flavoring of natural toothpastes.


Toasted Whole Spices From India

Coriander Seed 

We provide our clients highest quality coriander seeds (Dhania), that are widely used in garam masala for seasoning the dishes and enhancing their flavor. In addition, they are also consumed as Dhana Dal after the meals in India. These coriander seeds are also a key ingredient in the South Indian cuisines like sambhar & rasam. Apart from culinary purposes, they are also used as a diuretic and for general digestive aid.


Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek Seed 

We produce and supply fenugreek seeds (Methi), that are yellow amber in color and mixed with yogurt for added flavor. These seeds are used for preparing Khakhra, a very popular Indian snack. They are also one of the 3 ingredients of South Indian dishes idli and dosa. Fenugreek seeds are also a rich source of polysaccharide galactomannan and saponins. They are also used as galactagogue (milk producing agent), hair conditioner and treating digestive diseases.


Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds 

Our product portfolio also includes mustard seeds, also known as  rapeseed. The other name for rapeseed is Oilseed Rape, Rapa, Rape. Rapeseed is a winter or spring crop. Rapeseed is basically an oil crop and it is in a way also linked with cabbage, cauliflower, mustard, turnip and broccoli. These mustard seeds are used for making edible oil & meals and for industrial purposes. We also supply rapeseed oil, one of the most heart healthy oil which is apparently known for reducing cholesterol levels. Rapeseed oil is a kind of cooking oil used for numerous purposes almost equivalent to olive oil.



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